Relate bracelets, has been given pride of a place at South Africa’s newest omnichannel retail experience EGG, where the bracelets will be sold alongside 250 of the best local and international fashion and lifestyle brands.  

Set to launch on 26 November 2020 at Cape Town’s Cavendish Square, new multi-brand omnichannel retail concept EGG is a joint venture between Paul Simon, founder and the brains behind the massively popular Young Designers Emporium, and Arie Fabian, who took the Fabiani business model from that of a multi-brand retailer to one of the most desired premium menswear brands in the country.  

100% not-for-profit social enterprise, Relate bracelets will join global fashion with a conscience brands across streetwear, sneakers, fashion, jewellery, accessories, beauty and living in the new space. 

Through the sale of its bracelets, Relate has to date raised over R60 million for more than 110 charities, allowing these organisations to feed human and animal orphans, educate children, treat diseases, teach skills, care for the frail and elderly, and ensure the provision of clean water where it’s most needed.  

Relate founder Lauren Gillis says the exciting new platform will give Relate an exceptional opportunity to showcase their work while encouraging people to help support the needy in South Africa.  

“By making retail spaces available in some of the country’s leading malls for both local and international brands, EGG is providing retailers with a unique opportunity to market their products in a new and exciting way. We hope this incredible opportunity will also help us highlight the importance of what we do, and help us boost our critical fundraising efforts,” she adds.  

Relate bracelets that will be on sale on opening day include: 

United Against Malaria 

United Against Malaria is an alliance of various organisations, including football players and governments, which aids the prevention and treatment of malaria across the African continent. All the money raised from the sale of the bracelets goes towards the provision of preventative measures such as mosquito nets, and the improvement of access to treatment.  

Save our Oceans 

Our oceans supply half the oxygen we breathe, and are also home to a wondrous array of wild species, from tiny plankton to the blue whale, the biggest creature that’s ever existed. But they’re in crisis due to decades of over-exploitation and irresponsible practices. All the money raised when purchasing these bracelets go towards the WWF, which has a long history of working to protect our oceans, marine life, and the communities they support. 

Endanged Wildlife Trust Rhino Project

This bracelet supports the Endangered Wildlife Trust Rhino Project. Inspired by the colours of the rhino and its surrounding habitat, each bracelet is made from grey, white, and matte black beads, all finished off with two red “accent” beads on either side of the EWT pewter closing mechanism. All funds raised go towards the conservation of these magnificent creatures. 

Goodbye Malaria 

Goodbye Malaria is an African-run initiative with the goal of eliminating malaria in Mozambique, a preventable disease that still kills a child every 120 seconds. Launched in 2013, the organisation aims to raise further awareness and funding for malaria programmes. A range of 6 different colour cord bracelets is available. 

Elephants Alive  

Celebrate elephants with this handmade bracelet. The bracelet design is inspired by the colours of the elephant and its surrounding habitat; frosted grey and matte red beads make up the pattern, which is finished off with pearly white beads around the pewter closing mechanism. By purchasing these bracelets, you’ll be helping secure the future of our elephants and sustain the beauty and ecological integrity of their habitats.  

African Parks 

Funds raised from sales of this bracelet goes towards the conservation of our wildlife in South Africa. It also preserves the ecosystems in southern Africa and how they benefit all people.