The world marks World Wildlife Day on 3 March, and we at Relate Bracelets are honoured to be among those non-profits across the globe who work tirelessly to secure the future of wildlife by preserving natural habitats.

Through the sale of our conservation awareness bracelets, we partner with many charitable organisations that share our vision. These include the Endangered Wildlife Trust, Elephants Alive, the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital, SANCCOB and South African National Parks. By working together, we raise funds for critical conservation efforts that help preserve wildlife under threat.


By investing in social upliftment, Relate is not only able to support wildlife conservation, but also create earning opportunities for those in need.

Our beautiful beaded awareness bracelets are created by otherwise unemployed men and women living in South African townships, many of whom are senior citizens who have very little other financial support.

We make an impact through each connection made, from our humble bracelet makers to the organisations we support, and the philanthropic changemakers who wear Relate bracelets across the globe.

Each bracelet is a symbol of hope - hope that we can end rhino poaching, save cheetahs and wild dogs from extinction, protect our oceans and marine life, and care for small animals in the wild that are often overlooked. The signature “R” included on all our bracelets represents Relate’s accountability and transparency in ensuring that your support truly benefits those for whom it is intended.

Show your support for wildlife conservation through social upliftment by purchasing Relate awareness bracelets. Your act of kindness will be supporting a cycle of change.