Relate bracelets recently teamed up with the Newlands Rotary Club of South Africa for in campaign to promote Rotary Internationals new environmental area of focus.

The Relate bracelets included in the Rotary in the Environment collection fund ten key environmental and nature conservation initiatives within South Africa, two of which are Rotary projects. 

Together, we aim to raise R1 million towards environmental causes, whilst educating underprivileged youth about the environment and creating employment through Relates’ social upliftment initiative. Thus, creating new fund-raising opportunities for all involved, at every stage of the campaign.

Environmental changemakers, will love the Rotary in the Environment collection as it comprises of a mixed stack of 10 eco-conscious cause bracelets, each supporting a different environmental and conservation-focused charity.

Connect and Impact

You can get involved by purchasing a Relate bracelet stack or donating bracelets to Rotary for distribution to underprivileged youth through the Newlands Rotary Clubs environmental education program.













 The critical environmental awareness causes the bracelets support;


SANCCOB is a registered non-profit organisation whose primary objective is to reverse the decline of seabird populations through the rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured, abandoned and oiled seabirds - especially endangered species like the African Penguin. 

Endangered Wildlife Trust Ocean Project 

The Endangered Wildlife Trust's Ocean Project is dedicated to the conservation of marine ecosystems that support a myriad aquatic species, as well as the people who rely on them. To date, Relate has raised more than R2 million for this beneficiary. 

Honorary Rangers of South African National Parks

The main objective of this initiative is to support SANParks in developing, managing and promoting sustainable national parks that represent South Africa’s biodiversity and heritage assets through innovation and best practice, for the benefit of our future generations.

Elephants Alive

Save The Elephants SA is a registered non-profit organisation whose mission is to secure a future for elephants while sustaining the beauty and ecological integrity of the places in which these animals live. To date, Relate has raised R939 480 for the conservation of these magnificent creatures.

Endangered Wildlife Trust: Birds of Prey 

The Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Birds of Prey Programme is one of the largest EWT programmes and focuses on the conservation of raptors and vultures and their habitats. Its main objective is to link the efforts of all individuals and organisations interested in or associated with raptor and vulture conservation in southern Africa, in order to strengthen regional conservation efforts. 

Guard Dogs for Conservation

The Endangered Wildlife Trust's Guard Dogs for Conservation Project works with dogs to help protect our precious wildlife in a number of different ways. From anti-poaching crime prevention and scent detection to prevent illegal trafficking to livestock guarding to reduce losses in farm animals, these dutiful canines provide a vital role in wildlife conservation.

Endangered Wildlife Trust: Wild Dog Project

The Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Wild Dog Project monitors and protects this highly endangered species by collaring and tracking the canines, securing and expanding their habitats, and ensuring a rapid response in the event they are injured or under threat of persecution. 

Rotary Youth Camp Glencairn

The Glencairn Youth Camp is a special place in the Southern Cape Peninsula where young people from all walks of life unite to enjoy the beauty of nature. The camp exposes Cape Town’s youth to a powerful environmental experience; along with many nature trails, the camp also features sports fields, children’s play areas and three swimming pools for everyone to enjoy. Funds raised from the sale of this bracelet goes towards preserving this wonderful haven for children. Watch the video to see this initiative in action. 



Rotary: I am a Water Warrior

Through water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programmes, Rotary’s main objective is to form partnerships to respond to the needs of those who do not enjoy daily access to clean water. As a Rotary Action Group, WASH invites Rotarians from around the world to join them in their bid to provide safe water, sanitation and hygiene for all. 

Endangered Wildlife Trust

The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) is one of South Africa’s leading biodiversity conservation organisations, which strives to facilitate the protection and sustainable use of key ecosystems. The EWT has a cohesive and integrated approach to the conservation of species, habitats and ecosystem processes, with much of their work focused on protecting both threatened species and their habitats. 

Welcoming the partnership with the Newlands Rotary Club of South Africa, Relate founder Lauren Gillis says the exciting collaboration offers Relate a fantastic opportunity to showcase an array of its bracelets under the banner of Rotary in the Environment.  

“By joining hands with the Newlands Rotary Club, we at Relate aim to raise a grand total of R1 million through the sales of these bracelet stacks. By purchasing bracelets, members of the public also get to stand in solidarity with those who are committed to the conservation of our natural environment,” she adds.

Tony Davidson, Environmental Sustainability Champion of the Newlands Rotary Club of South Africa, stressed that collaborative work such as this is critical going forward if we are to successfully save our planet, and its precious animal and human inhabitants.  

“We are delighted to be working with Relate, especially during this critical period of COVID-19. This collaboration will enable us to reach out to more people, and hopefully raise enough money to really make a big difference through the sales of these bracelets.”

Rotary International’s motto ’Service Above Self’ has never been more critical than in the time of COVID19. By supporting this initiative, Relate and Rotary connect people to the solution, allowing many to contribute a small amount to make significant impact.