Keeping the 2020-21 Malaria spray program operational during the height of a global pandemic was an audacious goal for our partners, Goodbye Malaria.

It took a collective effort, for everyone involved, to ensure that the indoor residual spray operators were safe, whilst protecting the Southern Mozambican communities where the spray program is rolled out.


Bold, Brave and Conquered.  

The numbers are in and year on year the scale of growth has been significant.

Homes Sprayed 611 940
Lives Protected 2 046 226

This herculean task was undertaken by a dedicated team of over 2 500 (a 25% increase to that of the previous year) spraying a total of 18 districts in 3 provinces in Southern Mozambique.

Looking back over the last three years, Goodbye Malaria has made incredible gains in the southern parts of Mozambique with its indoor residual spray. Monthly Malaria cases have consistently been decreasing and the goal of eliminating Malaria is closer in sight. The program is also continually expanding by adding additional areas to the operation.

It has taken decades to get to where we are today, but thanks to global efforts, since 2000, we have seen a total of 7.6m lives saved and 1.5bn cases prevented worldwide.

Relate is honoured to be among the entities that support Malaria prevention efforts. By partnering Goodbye Malaria we are actively working towards eradicating Malaria in Mozambique, while investing in Africa's future, creating employment and protecting, changing and saving lives.

Relate supports the initiative through the sale of our Goodbye Malaria bracelets. They are worn by people around the world whom have either been impacted by Malaria themselves or support the impact that we are making to eradicate the disease.

Bracelets Sold 1 328 859
Monies raised to combat Malaria R11 668 795

By supporting Malaria eradication we have also been able to raise approximately R7 973 000 for our social upliftment programs. 

New research finds that 9 in 10 African youth want to take personal action in the fight. In addition, despite COVID-19 diverting attention away from Malaria, almost two-thirds (61%) believe the disease can be eliminated in their lifetime.

The 25th April marks World Malaria Day, we are making strides to achieve a success story, so play your role.

Together we can say Goodbye, Tchau Tchau, Hamba kahle, Au revoir, Adios - to Malaria.