Cape Town-based non-profit organisation (NPO), Relate Bracelets, is tipping the scales in the favour of those in need of assistance, having raised R3.2 million for charitable causes over the financial year ending February 2023.

This milestone comes at a time when South Africa is heaving under economic strain, and charities are easily overlooked in the allocation of funds.

Imagine being able to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most, simply by adorning your wrist with a beautiful and purposeful accessory. It’s a fact, there is power in using fashion for social impact. The act of purchasing a set of Relate bracelets goes beyond just looking stylish, it signifies a commitment to helping those in need.

The amount recorded for the financial year ending February 2023 was achieved through the sale of themed bracelets that support individual causes, with a total of 237,941 bracelets sold by Relate Bracelets to fund charities in that time span.

In the last financial year alone, Relate raised R676,380 to fight the scourge of malaria by supporting Goodbye Malaria with themed bracelets, as one of the flagship health-focused charities, which has contributed to the total contribution of R12,868,613 to date.

Since Relate’s inception over a decade ago, the organisation has raised over R72 million for various charitable causes, with 4,001,494 bracelets sold so far. The causes we support range from those assisting elderly people, the homeless, children’s educational support projects, vulnerable animals, and conservation projects.

Some of the most notable projects the NPO has raised money for to date include R2,911,308 for the Endangered Wildlife Trust and over R1,172,608 for Elephants Alive bracelet sales also generated R1,898,473 for Ikamva Labantu, which assists the elderly to live their golden years to their optimum.

Support for the elderly, the homeless, education, animal conservation and healthcare remain some of the key focuses of the NPO. 

Dalit Shekel, brand consultant for Relate says, “‘Through our partnerships, Relate ensures that each sale of our bracelet goes towards making a tangible and sustainable impact on worthy causes. By choosing Relate, you are not just wearing a bracelet, you are wearing a symbol of hope, progress, and accountability.

 “Slipping on a set of simple, yet stylish, bracelets takes on a deeper meaning than we’d normally perceive because of the deep impact that purchasing the bracelets will have on those who need a helping hand. Anyone can join the movement towards a better tomorrow, one bracelet at a time.

“The advantage of having such an NPO in society is that it comes with accountability and assists in using the sale of these accessories to make a positive and sustainable impact on worthy causes,” says Shekel.

The funds go a long way in supporting charitable causes, with more companiesmaking non-cash donations in the Corporate Social Investment (CSI) space in 2022 due to strained budgets, according to the 25th edition of The Trialogue Business in Society Handbook. The research published recorded that 77 percent of companies reported making non-cash donations, as opposed to only 29 percent the year before.

“By supporting Relate, you are not only making a statement about your personal style, but also about your values and your dedication to creating positive change in the world. With Relate, you can trust that your purchase is not just a transaction, but an investment in the future of our country,” Shekel concludes.