Want to give back to a cause you care about and make a positive impact in your community, but not sure where to start or how to go about it? Start by trying out one of the following five ways to support people or animals in need around you:

1. Fashion accessories with purpose: Wear your heart on your sleeve by opting for Relate cause bracelets that speak to a community initiative or an organisation doing good in a field you care about. Our colourful cause bracelets are beaded by community seniors from Ikamva Labantu and completed inhouse. You can choose to support a variety of notable causes like those that provide clean drinking water to communities; help the fight against malaria and other health organisations. Find a cause to support.

2. Use your social influence to show your support: We all know what a powerful tool social media is when it comes to spreading awareness – and it’s easy to action. Help inspire others to get involved with a cause you care about by giving a boost to your causes social media presence, by simply posting or sharing their work from time to time you can help share a message that matters

3. Use an event to support a cause: Events are a great way to get social engagement for charitable causes you care about, whether it’s a corporate event that pledges money to a special charity or a community event that relies on micro donations. Each help to create participation and build awareness to social issues. When the take home is a Relate Bracelet, there’s longevity for a lasting impact.  Talk to us about partnering for events.

4. Declutter and donate: Most of us have way too much stuff, so why not take the time to declutter, and free up some space – if you don’t need or use it, someone else will. Make sure to donate to a reputable NGO with a credible track record of making a meaningful impact. By verifying the organisation’s formal NPO status on governmental platform npo.gov.za, you’ll be making sure that your donation is put to good use.

5. Share your skills through mentorship: Giving isn’t always about goods, items and money. Your knowledge and experience are precious resources that sometimes get overlooked when considering how to give back and support charitable causes. There is a lot of value that your talents can add to a charitable cause you are passionate about. Identify a worker or an NGO you can donate your time and skills to, in terms of mentorship and skills transfer and offer support in this way.

Make 2023 your year of community involvement by choosing a cause you are passionate about and lets partner to make a positive impact.