Every 25th April, we celebrate World Malaria Day and take the opportunity to thank the Relate Bracelet community for your continued support of Goodbye Malaria’s elimination efforts in the MOSASWA (Mozambique, South Africa, Eswatini) Region.

For 10 years Goodbye Malaria has been working towards malaria elimination in Southern Africa. Through innovative partnerships like ours, Goodbye Malaria has committed just under $15 million, through the Global Fund, to fight against malaria in the region.

The impact of the 2022 Integrated Vector Control Program resulted in:

● An Indoor Residual spray program across 3 provinces in Southern Mozambique, conducted across 22 districts

● 799 323 houses sprayed, with 1 739 680 structures sprayed

● Total boots-on-the-ground in Southern Mozambique: 3 235, of which 60% were females.

● 8 mobile surveillance units, across 6 municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga provinces in South Africa, testing and treating malaria cases.

This significant achievement by Goodbye Malaria in 2022 resulted in 4 284 087 lives protected in the MOSASWA region.

Our partnership has allowed us to take significate steps towards accelerating malaria elimination in Southern Africa, and World Malaria Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate the impact that it has had on vulnerable populations over the last year.

But the perfect storm continues to brew with low coverage of tools, funding shortfalls and biological threats. While many countries came together to “fight for what counts” at last year’s Global Fund Replenishment, an unprecedented shortfall of more than 50% in global malaria funding is now holding countries back from maintaining life-saving malaria programmes at current levels. Reaching everyone living with malaria is at risk.

Let’s not give up, if we keep working together, we can say “goodbye malaria”, for good!