Pearl Makhalemele is a breast cancer counselor from Soweto, Gauteng and the #FaceofBreastCancer.

Sixteen years ago, Pearl was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I had pain in my left breast and went to my GP, who referred me to a surgical specialist. I had all the tests done; the final results indicated breast cancer. I had surgery, six chemotherapy sessions and then radiation. For the next five years I continued with hormonal treatment,” she says.

She now travels between various clinics and churches, where she meets with newly diagnosed patients and does referrals to Helen Joseph Hospital.

Pearl finds it very challenging when newly diagnosed patients don’t understand the process associated with breast cancer.

“They would often go to traditional healers or get herbal treatment, then they would go to the clinic when the cancer is too advanced – usually by that time nothing can be done to help them.”

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