Louise Turner is the COO of the Breast Health Foundation and the #FaceofBreastCancer.

Louise, now 48 was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago. At the time, a whole different world opened up for her.

“I met the most amazing people because of breast cancer,” she says, adding that she finds her job with Breast Health Foundation very satisfying.

“I trust that our efforts will make a difference to someone, somewhere in the world. People don’t have to go through everything all by themselves with no support and no educational infrastructure. That’s why BHF is here!”

For every person who survives breast cancer, according to Louise, MANY more lives are affected positively because there is a partner who is not left behind, children who are not orphaned, extended family members who are not grieving and countless friends who are educated.

Her advice to people diagnosed with breast cancer: “This too shall pass. Breast cancer is just another bump in the journey – it’s hell, but you get through it. Live life, don’t simply exist!”

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