Relate Bracelets, in partnership with The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), has developed a collector’s range of beautifully beaded bracelets. Each bracelet has been developed to help protect a specific threatened species.  The range includes bracelets that support the ongoing fight to save the Cheetah, Wild Dog, Dugong and the Rhino species – and gives individuals and corporates the opportunity to join the movement for change, to wear their advocacy and inspire others to do the same.

We are thrilled about our new partnership with Relate whose commitment to sustainability, transparency and accountability is represented by a signature “R” bead on every handmade Relate bracelet. We are certain that our supporters will enjoy the light design and stunning finish of these unique bracelets and take the opportunity to support the conservation of their wildlife heritage by purchasing the bracelets,” commented Nicola King, the EWT’s Head of Conservation Funding.

Through every stage of the manufacture and sale of these bracelets, opportunities have been created to change lives. Relate is a social enterprise built on a uniquely sustainable model for the upliftment of local people and communities. Through the sale of locally beaded bracelets, the Relate model generates earnings and up-skilling opportunities to help improve the lives of the otherwise unemployed men and women who make them, investment for local enterprise development initiatives, through to an open philanthropic drive to help raise funds for other credible charities (such as the EWT).  There is utmost accountability in how funds from the sale of each bracelet have been spent and the sale of the first four Endangered Wildlife Trust bracelet lines will generate funds for the EWT’s Carnivore Conservation and Source to Sea Programmes.

“Relate bracelets are great instruments of social change. It’s inspiring to see the tangible impact that can be made when people stand together to uplift the lives of others,” says Relate founder Lauren Gillis, “Perhaps the greatest thing for us is to see how a simple bracelet can connect diverse South Africans to the benefit of so many.

From September, three of the EWT wildlife bracelets – Cheetah, Wild Dog and Dugong – can be purchased from Tiger’s Eye stores like Indaba and Out Of Africa nationwide, and the EWT Rhino bracelet from selected CNA stores.

To place your orders of 200+ bracelets for corporate gifts, for your stores or even for your school, you can contact Relate at or EWT at .  The bracelets are available in convenient tillpoint dispenser units comprising 25 bracelets each per species (8 small, 9 medium and 8 large bracelets).