The launch of the Young Designers Emporium’s exciting Summer/Spring range last week saw the introduction of their new, trendy Relate bracelets that come in various colours, from fresh blues and greens to earthy reds and golds. These sun-inspired bracelets are sure to brighten your wardrobe for the last of the cold winter days and complement your summer style when the sun comes out to play.

Proceeds from each bracelet help Paediatric Aids Treatment for Africa (PATA) to improve the quality and accessibility of health-care for HIV-infected children and their families in Sub-Saharan Africa. YDE and its customers raised R32 000 through selling Relate bracelets last year, which was donated to PATA’s child-friendly clinics initiative.  “These funds have helped us to carry out the child-friendly clinic initiative at three clinics, namely Paarl Emporium of Care (Paarl), Govan Mbeki Clinic (Port Elizabeth) and Isilimela Hospital (Port St Johns)” says Heleen Soeters, Programme Manager at PATA.


This is a true example of how you and your friends’ smaller actions can result in a big impact. The big impact in this case being “Increased access to HIV treatment in Sub-Saharan Africa [reducing] the number of people dying from AIDS-related causes…” Eighty20 Fact a Day 25th July 2013, which is made possible by organisations such as PATA through their child-friendly clinics initiative. “This is very important in clinics treating children with HIV as most such clinics are associated with fear, anxiety and distress. If children have positive associations with clinics they are more like to adhere to their antiretroviral regimen and return to the clinic for their appointments, ” says Heleen. PATA are happy to have implemented this initiative in three clinics, which was achieved thanks to you, the consumer buying a Relate bracelet.

“So, by purchasing YDE Relate bracelets, you are not only joining the movement of young trendsetters, but also the movement of positive change,” YDE Management

Hurry down to the YDE store closest to you to buy your Relate bracelet and join the movement for change, whether it’s wearing your bracelets as a stack to make a statement, or sharing with friends – a thoughtful and affordable addition to a gift, Relate bracelets inspire ordinary people to become extraordinary change-makers.


Remember to look for our signature ‘R’ bead on all Relate bracelets, which is out mark of authenticity and commitment to transparency. If it doesn’t have an ‘R’ bead, it’s not a Relate bracelet. 100% not-for-profit.