As the hairiest month of the year draws to a close, we find out why some of South Africa’s most celebrated Mo Bros and Mo Sistas support Movember, the biggest men’s health movement of our time.

“Every Mo Bro and Mo Sista is a hero,” says Garron Gsell, CEO and Founder of the Men’s Foundation. “By raising funds and creating much needed conversations, they are helping to break down the stigmas associated with male specific diseases and encouraging men to be more aware of their health and openly talk about concerns that they have.”

Greg Minnaar:

World renowned mountain biker Greg Minnaar is one of the celebs on board for this year’s Movember campaign. Even though he finds it a bit difficult to grow a Mo, he is 100% dedicated to Movember.   For those of you who don’t know, Greg is a three times World Downhill Mountain Biking Champion and has 18 Downhill World Cup Victories to date. He was also recently nominated for South Africa’s Sportsman of the Year.

Motivation for getting involved:

“My motivation for getting involved is to make a difference in helping the 4300 men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer in South Africa.”

Pete Goffe Wood:

Food alchemist, wine quaffer, beer maker, cook, seafood sustainability freak, occasional writer, half arsed cyclist and celebrity chef, Pete Goffe-Wood, is a proud Mo Bro. Pete is known for “cutting” right to the chase with his straight-forward, no nonsense judging approach on Master Chef South Africa.

Motivation for getting involved:

“I support Movember because it’s about men’s health. I am a passionate Mo Bro as Movember is a fun way to get guys to talk about their issues, whether its about cancer, other medical concerns or mental health, Movember is the time to speak out and go get tested.”

Jack Parow:

Rap legend Zander Tyler, more commonly known as Jack Parow, has one of the most iconic South African moustaches ever! Movember is something that is close to Parow’s heart as his father passed away from prostate cancer some years ago. Other than his Mo, he has also recently gotten into really good shape and is urging guys out there to do the same and support Movember’s MOVE challenge to get men MOVE-ing and off the couch.

Motivation for getting involved:

“I am so glad about the Movember Move initiative. I feel that it is important for men to start getting active. I want to be able to say that I was a part of the cause from the beginning as I feel that spreading awareness about men’s issues such as prostate and testicular cancer is vital.”

Danine Naidoo:

We know Movember is all about the guys but ladies are generally the ones who get men talking. Former Hectic Nine 9 presenter and current host of the show Edge, Danine Naidoo, is one of the Mo Sistas on board. Not only does she have a ND in Public Relations, but she is also a fashion stylist, aspiring singer and radio host. Not just a pretty face, she is an ardent supporter of Movember, and men in particular…

Motivation for getting involved:

“Because we NEED our men and THEY need their HEALTH!”

AJ Calitz:

Athlete AJ Calitz is an official Movember MOVE Ambassador, guiding Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to take on the MOVE Challenge to get active every day of November. Throughout Movember, Calitz posts his MOVE everyday – an insider’s peek into the training volume and intensity of this competitive trail runner. Did you know Calitz held the Guinness World Book of Records for greatest vertical height climbing stairs in 12 hours in April 2014?

Motivation for getting involved:

“The most important part of Movember is being active and sharing the joy of being healthy with others. We often take health for granted. Get out there and be active.”

Dusty Rich:

So, Movember is all about some really serious men’s issues but what would a campaign be without a little bit of funny. Dusty is Movember’s very own Mr Comedy. Full of witty jokes and with a style of his own, he is a very loyal and active Mo Bro. He has some amazing accolades and being one of Trevor Noah’s besties isn’t one of them.

Motivation for getting involved:

“I am doing what I can and making a plan.”

Mr SA 2014, John Owens:

With Movember being all about the guys, it makes sense to have not one but two Mr South Africa’s on board. John was actually bullied into taking part in Mr SA but in the end it completely changed his life. He saw that it was more than just a beauty contest. He says that it’s a doorway to so many opportunities, not only on a personal level but it also provides one with the platform to actively make a contribution to the country at large.

Motivation for getting involved:

“After winning Mr SA in 2014, childhood cancer specifically has become close to my heart. My mother has actually been battling with pancreatic cancer for the past 14 years and, because of this, cancer has always been on my mind. I am involved with causes like Movember in order to spread awareness. The wellness of other men has almost become my responsibility and it is important for me to help spread the message so that men go out and get tested for things like prostate and testicular cancer.”

Dr Darren Green:

Many of you will recognise Dr Green from Dr’s Orders or from Expresso; he is also Movember’s medical expert. This man is not only a guru in all things health related, but he is also a musician, motivational speaker and a media personality. Talk about a jack of all trades.

Motivation for getting involved:

“I would like to help spread awareness about men’s health issues. Men don’t actually talk about their feelings, we need to do something about this and let them know that it’s okay to speak out. We also need to look at active ways of men taking responsibility on men’s health issues especially as dads, brothers, sons and fathers. If it’s not worth looking after your body for yourself then do it for your loved ones.”

Mr SA 2015, Armand Du Plessis:

Not only does Armand have the Mr South Africa award for 2015 under his belt, but he was also awarded Mr Krugersdorp, Mr Roodepoort and Mr Pretoria. This man is not just about good looks, he also holds a law degree from the University of Pretoria. He uses the Mr South Africa platform to give back by getting involved with initiatives such as Movember.

Motivation for getting involved:

“As Mr SA I have the opportunity to make my voice heard. I have tried to use the past month to encourage men across the country to look after their health concerns and to become more aware of the statistics we face when it comes to male specific diseases. I also want guys to know that there are many ways to get involved with this amazing initiative. You don’t only have to grow a Mo, you can move for cancer, buy a relate bracelet or just speak up; that is how I supported the cause.”

There are only a few days left to show your support for Movember, and the work that the Men’s Foundation is doing. Make a donation on or download the Movember app on your mobile device. Follow Movember on social media: @MovemberRSA on Twitter or facebook/MovemberSouthAfrica.

This article wa first published by Spice4Life on 27 November 2015, to see original online article click here