The week of love is upon us and this has most of us falling into one of two camps: You either love all the red roses and candlelit dinners or you want to rip up every teddy bear with a heart in the middle of it.

But if we look at the true meaning of Valentine’s Day – showing those closest to you that you really care – it’s a day we can all celebrate (even the singles among us!).

And goodness knows, now more than ever the world needs love, sweet love.

But how do you share the love with those closest to you? Here’s how.

Give the gift that’s close to their heart

That special person is just that because they want to make the world a better place. And everyone’s cause is different. It could be animals, education, literacy or access to decent healthcare. Show them you care about them and their cause by giving them a Relate Trust bracelet.

Relate bracelets are handmade beaded or woven bracelets that support charities across the world - including the Amy Foundation, Shine Literacy, the Endangered Wildlife Trust, Ikamva Labantu, the Rotary SafeWater Project, Goodbye Malaria, and many more. They’ve raised more than R46 million for causes and created hundreds of job opportunities for people in low income communities.

Do it the Prince Harry way!

When news broke of the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s romance, it was their matching beaded bracelets that gave them away, said the Daily Mail. 

Harry has long been a Relate supporter and his African Parks and Grassroots Soccer bracelet is a permanent feature on his wrist.

Then, in May 2016, Meghan posted a photo to Instagram in which she was seen wearing a similar bracelet and people soon began speculating that Harry gave it to her as a gift. This was just after some super royal sleuths figured out that the prince and the gorgeous actress were often in the same place at the same time.

Now they’re getting ready to tie the knot. Are we saying these beautiful beads will lead to wedding bells? Well, you never know!  

Where to get them

You can buy stacks of Relate bracelets online here.

Or you can find individual ones at the counters of stores across South Africa:

^^ The handwoven Shine Literacy Relate bracelet at Woolworths. ^^

^^ Helping Hand Trust Girls on the Go Project Relate bracelet from selected Clicks stores nationwide. ^^

^^ The Fuel2Grow campaign Relate bracelet from selected Cape Union Mart stores. ^^

^^ Earthchild Project Relate bracelet from selected Earth Child Clothing stores. ^^

^^ Endangered Wildlife Trust Relate bracelet from selected Trapper Stores nationwide. ^^

^^ The Grace Factory Relate bracelets from selected Toy Kingdom stores nationwide. ^^

By purchasing Relate bracelets for your loved ones, you are supporting the connected cause and contributing to job creation for the people who make the bracelets.