It is with overwhelming gratitude that we can confirm Relate Bracelets has made a significant donation of R1,000,000 to Goodbye Malaria. This donation marks an important step forward in our continued commitment to the fight against malaria, a cause close to our hearts. Since we began this journey, with the help and support of our community, we've successfully reached a new milestone of over R14 million raised for Goodbye Malaria. With every Relate Bracelet sale, we strengthen our collective effort to make a meaningful impact in combating this life-threatening disease.

As a social enterprise, we do not rely on donations to raise money for our charitable causes. Through the sale of Relate Bracelets, we are able to create jobs for people from low-income communities in South Africa who make our bracelets, and, in doing so, we are able to provide solutions to some of the biggest problems facing our country.

Malaria accounts for one in twelve global deaths in children under the age of five. In fact, eighty percent of annual malaria deaths are among African children under five. The scourge continues to be a significant health concern for Africa, with the region accounting for 95% of global malaria cases and 96% of all malaria deaths.

“Our partnership with Goodbye Malaria aids in accelerating interventions and innovations towards malaria elimination in Southern East Africa. During the 2022/23 campaign, integrated vector management was conducted in a total of 22 districts in 3 provinces in Southern Mozambique, with an additional 8 mobile surveillance units positioned at key eastern border regions of South Africa. The result of Goodbye Malaria’s operations has helped protect 4.2 million lives from malaria in the MOSASWA (Mozambique, South Africa, and eSwatini) region,” shared CEO of Relate Bracelets, Dalit Shekel.

Goodbye Malaria is the brainchild of passionate and concerned African entrepreneurs who've seen the devastation of the disease on the continent. The social benefit organisation also collaborates with world-class partners to end malaria, including the Global Fund, private organisations, and the governments of Mozambique, South Africa, and eSwatini. 

Shekel says, “It is an honour and joy to collaborate with Goodbye Malaria, uniting our efforts to safeguard vulnerable communities, particularly women and young children, from this deadly disease. While we celebrate this milestone, we're also filled with anticipation for the greater impact we aim to achieve in the coming year. Our partnership embodies our shared commitment to turning the tide against malaria, and I'm profoundly inspired by the difference we're making together.”

Goodbye Malaria’s Marketing Manager, Kiri Rundle, says, ‘Malaria holds back economies, communities, and families, with women and girls bearing the brunt of this impact. When we fight to eliminate malaria, we improve economic growth, advance gender equality, and bend the curve of poverty’.

‘The only way to combat this disease is together; this innovative partnership allows us to make an impactful difference on the ground and in malaria endemic communities while driving societal transformation and empowering the crafters behind each bracelet’, Rundle adds.

You can support Goodbye Malaria with Relate Bracelets, available for sale direct from Goodbye Malaria and through Relate Retail Partners.