Celebrating selling one million Relate Bracelets

In celebration of selling one million hand-beaded bracelets, Relate Bracelets, a 100% not-for-profit social enterprise, is launching its new online store. Social enterprise developments are forging a greater path into the online space than ever before and Relate Bracelets aims to be the forerunner in this growing trend. Aimed at changing lives, the proceeds of the sale of these one million hand-beaded bracelets have gone towards supporting and upskilling the bracelet-makers, as well as to worthy causes such as Ikamva Labantu, the Endangered Wildlife Trust and the United Against Malaria Project.

Since registering as a Trust in 2010, Relate Bracelets has raised R14.6millon, which has provided earning and skills opportunities for the local bracelet-makers, investment opportunities in social enterprise developments and has supported over 52 other non-profit organisations.With the new online store, consumers can purchase these beautiful hand-beaded bracelets in a few simple clicks, enabling a wider market, including you, to access Relate bracelets and impact even more lives.

Relate bracelets are the perfect gift for your friends and family, they won’t break the bank at R350 for a stack of 10 and they come in a number of different colours and designs - so you can wear the change you want to see with style.With Christmas just around the corner, a great idea is to use Relate bracelets as Christmas stocking fillers, DIY Christmas Cracker fillers or as part of your festive table settings. Relate bracelets also make great birthday gifts, wedding favours, Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts and are even a special thought for Valentine’s Day.Looking for something to send to overseas friends and relatives, Relate bracelets are the perfect touch of Africa and can be shipped internationally straight to their door.

Wear your bracelets in a stack of 10 to make a statement or share them with friends and family to inspire them to join the Relate movement for change.All Relate bracelets are adorned with the signature ‘R’ bead, which is their way of saying they are absolutely committed to accountability and transparency. It is the symbol you can trust as it guarantees that the bracelet you are wearing for change does just that. Simply put, If it doesn’t have the ‘R’ bead, it is not a Relate bracelet.


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