Are you tired of giving (or receiving) the same Valentine’s Day gift year after year? Those red roses may be beautiful but why not choose a gift that actually lives long passed this annual occasion. Relate Bracelets offer statement stacks that are fashionable accessories for men and women which symbolise the essence of sharing the love every day. Become a change-maker and surprise your loved ones, friends and family to a gift that changes lives. Relate bracelets make a difference by bettering the lives of others. Join us in making the world a better place, one bracelet at a time.


  1. Let’s change the way we see Valentine’s Day and share the love by purchasing a gift that makes a difference. The decision to do this is the easy part; let Relate Bracelets help with the rest.

  2.  Head online Our new online shop makes buying cause bracelets easier than ever before. Choose your style, choose your cause and with a few clicks you can be a part of Relate’s movement for change.

  3. Relate Bracelets don’t only do good, but they look good too. Embrace fashion with a conscience and spread awareness of the causes you support by piling your loved ones’ wrists with our bracelets.

  4. Spread the love by sharing your passion with those you know and encourage them to join you in making a difference in the lives of others. Gift them some bracelets, show them your personal impact card and explain just how easy it is to get involved. Change works like a snowball – the more people there are, the faster it rolls.

We invite you to inspire others and be a leader in the movement for change this Valentine’s Day!