Human connection, being there for each other is at the heart of who we are, what we do and why we believe people like you support us.

Now that shaking hands and embracing is forbidden, the Covid-19 pandemic has reminded all of us how much connection matters, and now it matters more than ever. As we’ve had to physically distance, we’ve needed to feel that we’re in this together. Many of us have also felt the need to stand by those who are most vulnerable right now.

We at Relate need to look after those who make the bracelets and are suffering so badly right now.

So we asked ourselves how we could encourage closer connection and make it easier for people to support each other.

This is how we’ve responded:

  1. For a short period of time, starting right now, we’ve drastically reduced the price of bracelets bought from our online store. Bracelets are now R30 each, nearly a 40% discount! Making them more affordable means more people can reach out and help others.

  2. You can buy as few or as many bracelets as you want from our online store. Previously we only sold in stacks of 10.
This also means you can easily support as many different causes as you like.
  1. Covid-19 is top of everyone’s mind right now, but we know many charities that have been hit as hard as businesses by the pandemic.

  2. We’ve also launched a special Connection-20 bracelet for only R20. This is a means for you to express your solidarity with the vulnerable, aged, unemployed and others impacted by the pandemic.

 I urge you to go online and buy bracelets for your family and friends. It’s a tangible way for you to connect with them and others.

It is also a way to ensure that Relate survives so that we can continue funding our beneficiaries and giving dignity to the makers, enabling them to feed themselves and their families. 

Your action will make all the difference.

Stay home. Stay safe.

Lauren and team