Connection 20

When you buy this product you not only donate money to charity but you also create jobs for people in low income communities.



Buy Connection-20 bracelets for your family and friends. It’s a tangible way for you to connect with them and others. It is also a way to ensure that Relate survives so that we can continue funding our beneficiaries and giving dignity to the makers, enabling them to feed themselves and their families. Your action will make all the difference.

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Relate Covid-19 Fund:

Relate has partnered with hundreds of causes to raise funds, awareness and importantly to create jobs in South Africa. In today’s Covid-19 landscape, the need is greater than ever for us to help out. As such, you can still be part of our movement for change in making a positive social change.

By purchasing this product, you will be supporting those negatively impacted by Covid-19 through job creation and feeding programmes.


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