Delta Air Lines has been getting Americans, and South Africans alike, to where they need to be across the globe for almost 50 years. With an extensive international network that spans 54 countries, covering 319 destinations, Delta is one of the world’s leading and most revered airlines.

Yet Delta continues to go above and beyond, taking South Africans still further, through its ongoing investment in community upliftment and social development. Relate Bracelets has long aligned itself with valuable charities around the world, while creating jobs for underprivileged and vulnerable members of society. Relate has experience of Delta’s powerful philanthropic influence and is keen to welcome the US airline on board for the long-haul.

The journey’s beginnings

Delta and Relate shared a connecting flight when the airline sponsored the production of Relate’s specially designed bracelets for non-for-profit organisation The Amy Foundation (formerly The Amy Biehl Foundation). Delta recognised that the Foundation’s core values were entrenched within three intrinsic rights of the South African Constitution, namely the right to education, the right to equal employment and the right to health.

To date, 134,735 Amy Foundation bracelets have been sold, raising R1 102 600 and helping to enable hundreds of children living in poverty to attend the Foundation’s after-school programmes. In addition, Delta has provided further funding towards education and skills development as well as nutrition through the Foundation’s safe and nurturing environment.

Benefits through business

Neil Robinson, CEO of Relate, understands the significance of establishing steadfast business relationships, particularly from the perspective of non-profit organisations. He believes that by sustaining and strengthening partnerships, countless upliftment and development platforms can be established.  

“Delta’s commitment and service to the Amy Foundation has changed countless lives for the better in South Africa. The company’s valued assistance in cultivating well-rounded young people, while steering them towards positive, auspicious life choices has been truly inspirational,” Robinson commented.

Relate aims to align with Delta in order to open further doors towards social upliftment opportunities and change the lives of many more people, locally and abroad.  

“Reach and understanding are keys to a flourishing and long-lasting partnership, and who better to engage with than a company that has navigated the world and left its altruistic mark as extensively as Delta?” continued Robinson.

Charting the path

Thus far, Relate has raised over R50 000 000 for a multitude of social upliftment, health and well-being and conservation causes. For every Relate Bracelet sold, one-third of the income is used for materials and operating costs, one-third supports those who craft the bracelets, and one-third is allocated to the charity for which the bespoke bracelet is branded.

“Through strategic engagement and common values, Delta and Relate have the potential to expand business reach while improving the fortunes of many South Africans. Delta has played an integral role in raising awareness of countless causes throughout the world and Relate has the means to propagate the brand extensively in South Africa,” added Robinson.

As Delta continues to raise the bar in global air travel while seeing their clientele contentedly to their destinations, alliance with Relate will assist disadvantaged South Africans in knowing finally that they’ve arrived.