Carrying on the Legacy of Jenna Lowe's GetMeTo21 Campaign

So many of us were inspired and moved by Jenna Lowe’s story. This amazing young woman inspired an incredible 36 000 South Africans to register as organ donors, all thanks to her ground-breaking GetMeTo21 campaign. She fought hard to raise awareness for the rare lung disease pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), and to save the lives of the 4 400 other patients in South Africa awaiting life-saving organ transplants. Her exceptional bravery did wonders for an important cause, and inspired us all to live life with courage and passion.

Tragically, Jenna died four months short of her 21st birthday. Today would have been that day.

To honour Jenna and carry on her legacy, the Jenna Lowe Trust has continued to fight for Jenna’s cause and celebrate her life. So far, they’ve achieved some wonderful things. Groote Schuur and UCT Private Academic Hospital have now opened the first specialist PAH unit in the country, and thousands of people are waking up to the significance of becoming an organ donor.

You can also buy a beautiful red beaded Jenna Lowe Relate bracelet for just R39 – all proceeds go to the Jenna Lowe Trust and will help raise awareness for pulmonary hypertension, organ transplantation and rare diseases in South Africa.

This article was first published on 28 October 2015 by Cosmopolitan magazine. Click here to see original article.