If she'd still been alive today, organ donors across the country would have been preparing to celebrate Jenna Lowe's 21st.

Sadly she passed away a few months early - but you can still get involved...

Jenna's mom Gabi posted to Facebook today that "Jenna's Getmeto21 campaign was less about her getting to her 21st birthday and more about her intense desire to make a difference in this world." She did just that by imploring South Africans to realise that literally thousands of people are awaiting transplants and the dire need for organ donors in South Africa.

As a result, her family have decided to continue Jenna's work in her honour by running The Jenna Lowe Trust as a non-profit organisation to continue her GetMeTo21 organ donation drive. In so doing they'll met one of Jenna's deepest wishes - to help raise awareness and funding for a State lung transplant unit, and there may well still be a #Getmeto21 celebration for all those who have become organ donors in the future. If you've already signed up as an organ donor you can further the cause by buying a red beaded RELATE bracelet to raise funds for The Jenna Lowe Trust. Click here for more on Jenna's #Getmeto21 campaign and here for more on the bracelets.

This article was first published by Biz Community on 28 October 2015. Click here to view original article.