Arguably the most admired citizen the world has ever seen, Nelson Mandela, affectionately known as Madiba, would have celebrated his 100th birthday on the 18 July 2018. 

In partnership with the ‘Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom Foundation’ (LWTF), the Relate Trust has launched a Mandela Centenary Relate bracelet to raise awareness and connect all of humanity to this once in a lifetime legacy celebration.

Our vision


As Relate CEO Neil Robinson states: “Forty-nine percent of South African youths are unemployed while more than half the country lives below the poverty line. This is a crisis that needs to be addressed now.

“If every tax paying South African bought one Mandela Centenary Relate bracelet, we would achieve our vision of raising R100 million in honour of what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th year.”

In 2018, every day is Mandela Day with the campaign running throughout Nelson Mandela’s centenary year; it was officially kicked off on 29 March 2018 with Mandela’s granddaughters HRH Princess Zaziwe Manaway and HRH Princess Swati Dlamini-Mandela of the Mandela Royal House attending the launch.

Princess Manaway said she was proud to be a part of the project:

“Tata spent his whole life fighting for a just, equal society.He said at his trial ‘I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons will live together in harmony and with equal opportunities’.

“Through these initiatives involving social enterprise companies, businesses and society leaders we can see his dream realised.”

The Nelson Mandela Literacy Project



The Nelson Mandela Literacy Project refurbish and stock old shipping containers with books, turning them into libraries that are donated to schools across the country. The container libraries not only benefit the children but the communities at large who also have access to them. Since 2011, the Nelson Mandela Literacy Project has provided 100,000 South African children daily access to reading materials through containerised libraries.

Relate’s founding mission is to bridge the divide between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ through its uniquely sustainable business model: Relate is able to fund job creation, skills and Enterprise Development initiatives in South Africa through proceeds from the sale of Relate bracelets worldwide. The Mandela Centenary Relate bracelets will impact hundreds of people in the bracelet making process alone.

The beads are threaded by Gogos and Tatas in the townships of the Western Cape. The activity provides these senior citizens with an opportunity to connect with others, and gives them a sense of dignity and purpose. Most support entire families, including AIDS-orphaned grandchildren and the extra earnings from making the bracelets supplements their pensions, helping them lead better lives financially whilst triggering them to be active members in their communities and society at large.

The bracelets are then closed and finished by young adults who came to Relate with few prospects, education or hope. They have their whole lives ahead of them and simply needed an opportunity to better their future. A portion of the bracelet proceeds is invested into enabling them and others to learn new skills and grow in confidence so that, in time, they can move beyond Relate to achieve their personal career goals.

The Bracelet Design


The Mandela Centenary Relate bracelets may look different to Relate’s other full beaded bracelets but they still incorporate all the important steps and people in the production process. The Mandela bracelet is made from a single black thread that is closed with an adjustable sliding knot that caters for different sized wrists - one size fits most. Each bracelet has five vibrant, multi-coloured beads on each side of the oval pewter closing. Mr Mandela was known for his eye-catching shirts and enigmatic personality, this bracelet represents his brightness and the impactful light he brought to the world.

Join our movement for change.


Relate invites you to buy and wear the Mandela Centenary Relate bracelets and be a part of what could be the biggest crowdfunding effort ever seen in this country.

Mandela Centenary Relate bracelets are available in boxes of ten for R495 online here.

Individual bracelets will soon be available in Woolworths stores nationwide as well as select Made In SA, Tiger’s Eye, and Out of Africa stores.

For larger / wholesale orders click here or email us directly 


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