The brand new Relate Mixed Stack is available online! Having listened to our amazing change-makers we know that this colourful mix of ten bracelets representing nine different causes is going to hit the spot this festive season.

The wonderful thing about the Relate Mixed Stack is that it’s a gift that gives three times: once to the lucky person who gets it, once by providing social upliftment opportunities and once by supporting a variety of charities. What other Christmas gift packs that much giving punch?

When you give someone a Relate Mixed Stack, they won’t only be making a fashion statement, but you’ll be contributing towards these charities:

1. Rotary SafeWater Project

2. Endangered Wildlife Trust Rhino

3. Jane Goodall Institute SA

4. Ikamva Labantu

5. Amy Biehl Foundation

6. Shine Centre

7. Reach For A Dream Foundation

8. Goodbye Malaria

9. PinkDrive (pink)

10. PinkDrive (black)

Spread a little of the Christmas abundance with others this year, and do the thing that Christmas was meant for: giving and sharing.