This Youth Month, tweens and teens are being offered the opportunity to support literacy programmes for their underprivileged counterparts through a collaboration between Relate Bracelets and SODA Bloc stores.

Part of The Foschini Group, SODA Bloc is a funky new clothing brand with 18 stores nationwide, catering for tweens and teens. In partnership with 100% for not-for-profit social enterprise, SODA Bloc will now be selling a bespoke Relate Bracelet in support of Shine’s literacy programmes that empower children to build their own futures.

Shine is a Cape Town-based literacy organisation, which aims to strengthen reading skills and inspire a love of books in children in Grades 2 and 3 in an attempt to fulfil their vision of a nation of young readers. Shine also partners with other education-focused NGOs and holds workshops for parents, communities and those interested in setting up reading clubs and Shine Chapters.

Based on a simple message that “if you can read this, share the gift,” this initiative between SODA Bloc and Relate Bracelets aims to get young people helping other young people. "At SODA Bloc we’re all about the youth, and that’s why we're making a solid stance towards promoting the SHINE literacy programme. So please support this awesome foundation by purchasing your SHINE bracelet at your nearest SODA Blocstore," said Alex Harris, Head of SODA Bloc. 

Relate Bracelets makes handmade beaded bracelets in support of more than 80 causes, one of which is Shine. Proceeds from the sale of each bracelet support not only the relevant causes, but also the seniors in impoverished communities who supplement their pensions by threading the beads. Many of these senior citizens care for their grandchildren and others orphaned by HIV/Aids. Relate’s younger staff members, who close and pack the bracelets, also benefit with training in their chosen fields to further their careers beyond Relate.

Relate Bracelets are instantly recognisable by their signature “R” bead, a sign of their transparency and accountability.