On the sixteenth of June 1976, school children in Soweto protested to learning in Afrikaans at their schools. The apartheid police opened fire on the crowd, killing an estimated 176 youth.

In South Africa, as a result of apartheid and bantu education laws, we are left with ‘the lost generation’ – young adults who are under-skilled and cannot find work, they are subject to the vicious cycle of poverty.

Relate’s primary purpose is to provide opportunity for typically uneducated and unskilled individuals to be up-skilled, so that they may become independent of Relate and work sustainably to achieve the career goals that they have set out for themselves.

Relate bracelets are positive change agents, each distinguished by our signature R bead, which is a symbol of our commitment to transparency and accountability. Each bracelet is a tangible advocacy tool that gives you the opportunity to wear the change you want to see, whilst helping provide our bracelet-makers with sustainable earnings and up-skilling opportunities. Every bracelet also results in money being raised for enterprise development initiatives in South Africa.

Join the Relate movement for change and help others this youth day! Buy a Relate bracelet from selected Game, Woolworths, Poetry and Old Khaki stores. Relate bracelets are 100% not-for-profit, and 100% for good. Remember, if it doesn’t have an ‘R’ bead, then it’s not a Relate bracelet.