Cancer is a rocky road of ups and downs not only for those diagnosed with the disease, but their support systems too. “I could never successfully convey to anyone what  emtional turmoil  my family went through during those four years. They were tough and beautiful, rough and delicate, painful and triumphant all at once.” Lize De Jonge, Breast Cancer Survivor.

Cancer can affect anyone no matter their socio economic situation, however the expense of detection facilities and treatment minimises the availability of such services to many diagnosed with the disease, living in disadvantaged communitites.

“PinkDrive powers mobile mammography units and educational units with the aim of enabling disadvantaged communities access to mammograms and education, driving home the fact that early detection saves lives,” says Tracey from PinkDrive.

Relate are proud to have partnered once again with PinkDrive and Poetry to support the fight against breast cancer. In addition to supporting PinkDrive, proceeds from the Relate Breast Cancer bracelets, that you can purchase for R35.00 each from Poetry stores nationwide, invest in the earnings and skills training of our bracelet makers as well as enterprise development initiatives in South Africa.

“My gran died from breast cancer. Ten years later, my mom was diagnosed with this awful disease. She survived. I wear my three of these beautiful bracelets. One is as a reminder of my gran, who I miss every day. One is in honour of my mom – I am so grateful to have her around. And one is to remind me to take nothing – least of all my health – for granted,” says Stacey Abdo. “I love the fact that my bracelets connect me not only to these two incredible women, but also to the many people involved in making the bracelets. There’s something truly beautiful in that.”