In an effort to get more beards to wear more beads, Sorbet has launched the manly version of the SEW Relate bracelet, now available in all Sorbet MAN stores. This initiative is driven by Sorbet’s 2018 SEW pledge: to help raise critical funds to reach their goal of creating employment for 170 women as qualified nail technicians by March 2018 through SEW (Sorbet Empowering Women) Academy.

But before we get into the beaded details, Sorbet MAN wants to set two things straight.

  1. Men know women can do everything. From being a wife, mother, daughter, sister and career woman in one; from fixing tyres to five-star meals on any given weekday; from running multi-national corporations to running for American Prez, she does it all: with infinite style and grace, and often in killer heels with painted nails to match. Natch! That’s not to say, however, that every now and again, a little help from a man can’t hurt. In fact, all too often, that’s exactly what’s missing.
  1. Men simply can’t do without them. We’ve read the quotes and we believe them too. “Behind every successful man is a strong woman”: whether it be our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, wives, even daughters; it’s often her strength that keeps us strong. She keeps us on the straight and narrow, inspires us, lifts us – and loves us – when we need it most. James Brown called it when he crooned, “It’s a man’s world – but it ain’t nothing without a woman or a girl.”

In celebration of and paying tribute to the strong women in our lives – the ones who have carried us in our hardest times, supported our visions and ambitions and believed in us even when we couldn’t, Sorbet MAN mans up with a Relate bracelet that’s designed with her in mind. Each and every bracelet is sold in honour of every woman who aspires to be strong, beautiful and supported by the ones she loves. It’s a thank you, it’s a tribute and it’s a commitment to helping her to be everything she can and wants to be.

To help raise the necessary R2.9 million in funds to achieve Sorbet’s ambitious goal, every SEW Relate bracelet counts. Show that you care and buy a bracelet. Whether you wear it or gift it – we’re not asking you to do it for you: but to do it for her. Do it because you care and because, when all’s said and done, you’re just what the world needs too: a gentleman.

Sorbet MAN SEW bracelets are available in stores nationwide, at R55.

This article was first published by Sorbet MAN.