Lots of little, can make a big difference. This is the philosophy of 100% not-for-profit social enterprise The Relate Trust, which sells handmade beaded bracelets to make money for charities globally - while creating hundreds of jobs for the underprivileged. The organisation is currently featured in Nedbank’s “See Money Differently” brand repositioning campaign, which highlights innovative ideas that make a big impact.

So why did one of the top banks in South Africa choose to shine this focus on a not-for-profit social enterprise?

Relate is the perfect example of making a little go a long way. In fact, as the advert states, “a R50 note becomes more than just money when you spend it on a Relate bracelet”.

This is because when you buy a simple beaded bracelet at a till point, for under R50, you are supporting one of more than 90 credible causes. You also support the senior citizens who thread the beads to supplement their pensions. You support the youth who put together and pack the bracelets, while being upskilled in their chosen careers beyond Relate. And you support Relate’s enterprise development initiatives.

The key to Relate’s success, allowing them to change lives in so many ways, lies in their unique business model - operating as a for-profit business would, and not relying on handouts.

With all this in mind, you might “look at your money differently, and see beyond the paper”.

“It is through opportunities from corporates like Nedbank, and from consumers, that we are able to do the good work that we do. Such high-profile acknowledgement of our brand enables us to continue to grow and help more and more people – in South Africa and around the world,” says Relate’s CEO Neil Robinson.

To date, Relate has sold more than 2.6million bracelets. All those small spends add up to make a meaningful and impactful difference: close to R50million for charities and job creation. 

The “See Money Differently” campaign asks you to “see money for the potential it has” whether it is to achieve personal goals or to make a difference for others.

Watch the advert and “Shazam a fifty” to see how R50 is a little that can go a long way.

Through the popular music, TV, and media content identification app Shazam, Nedbank is embracing digital technology to make money talk through a series of innovative and immersive educational experiences. The aim is to “educate, excite and inspire” South Africans to see money differently.

Simply open the Shazam app, tap the camera icon and hold it over a R10, R20, R50, R100, or R200 note to unlock “authentic South African stories to inspire consumers to see how money well-managed can make a real difference in people’s lives” – accompanied by useful money tips.

Finally, ask yourself: “What change will you ignite with the money in your hands?”