After 7 years as the Relate Trust CEO, Neil Robinson sadly leaves Relate to pursue personal interests. Over the years, Neil has helped build out Relate's sustainable business model and the systems to support the solid growth of  our Social Enterprise NPO into the future.  Even through the last 15 months of CV19 and lockdowns, the organisation has managed to sustain itself, although regrettably with much lower levels of income earning opportunities.  

Neil arrived when we had raised just on R13m and leaves having helped deliver close to R64m to social upliftment, job creation and to help support various charities globally. He should be massively proud of this achievement.

On behalf of the Executive Board and the entire Relate Trust Team, we would like to wish Neil much joy and success as he embarks on his new adventure. We wish him great purpose in wherever his travels take him. Relate will continue as normal and a new structure is in place to service our valued clients, our charity partners and our township upliftment programs.   

As Neil proudly passes on the baton to a collective team who will ensure continuity, the Relate brand will remain true to its core purpose: Uplifting those that have few opportunities, delivering impact to those that need it most, and to helping other charities raise funds, through our trusted partnerships with clients, retailers and other re-sellers. 

Personal message from Neil:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Glenn, Lauren, the Relate Board and all the staff that I worked with over the last 7 years.  It has been the joy of my life to lead this business and I will forever remain a staunch Relate supporter and ambassador.  I joined the business because of the business model and the Boards vision for the future.  Now more than ever I think Relate has a significant role to play in society, both in South Africa and across the world.  Through my role as CEO over the last 7 years, it is the people whom I will really miss.  The most amazing, creative, innovative and humble people you will ever get to engage with.  I have made some dear friends across the world; I have got to sit at tables that many could only dream of; I have learnt from so many wise humans out there; and I have got to meet some of the most generous people in the world who have truly enriched my life.

But most of all, I had the responsibility and privilege in helping make others’ lives slightly better, in the work and the partnerships that Relate embarked upon. 

As I move forward in my personal quest to help others, I know Relate will continue to do the same. I wish the entre Relate team much success in its endeavours. 

Our Founder, Lauren, lives by the mantra of ‘’Illness’’ V ‘’Wellness’’  The difference being ‘’I’’ V ‘’We’’.  No one can do anything alone.  We have always lived this ‘’WE’’ philosophy at Relate, and I will continue to use this as a guide as I embark on my next chapter in life. 

Thanks to everyone who was connected to Relate.  I will miss this large ‘’WE’’ family.