For the first time, Relate Bracelets have designed a casual bracelet with the help of you, the public, through social media input. The winning bracelet, chosen from a vote on three options, is now available in selected Woolworths stores as part of their Wild About Elephants campaign – in aid of research into saving elephants.

With the elephant population being decimated across Africa, what can you do to help save these noble creatures? If you’re “Wild About Elephants”, you can purchase a bracelet for just R35 to show your support for the protection of the gentle giants.

The bracelets are sold in aid of Elephants Alive, formerly Save the Elephants, for promoting harmonious co-existence between man and elephants and towards research into how their survival can be secured within intact ecosystems.

A third of the profits raised from sales of the bracelet goes to Elephants Alive in order to contribute towards the long-term survival of the African elephant, thereby maintaining the vital diversity of our world.

Lauren Gillis, founder of Relate Bracelets said: “If elephants are to survive we need scientific knowledge and an intimate understanding of their movements and needs. Elephants Alive delivers research solutions for ensuring the species’ longevity and Relate is so proud to be a part of such a trustworthy and well-organised charity doing such valuable work.”

Chief executive officer of Relate Bracelets Neil Robinson said it was a wonderful change to have the input of Relate fans who feel passionate about the plight of elephants in choosing the bead design for this bracelet.

“Rhinos may be getting the lion’s share of the attention these days, but that doesn’t mean that other wildlife isn’t under threat. And the response we’ve already seen so far shows that people care about all wildlife,” Robinson said.

Wear your support for these beautiful giants by purchasing the Wild About Elephants Relate bracelets from selected Woolworths outlets.