The new Helping Hands Trust bracelet is now available at Clicks. This hand beaded bracelet raises awareness and funds for the provision of free services such as baby wellness and nutritional advice, baby weighing, family planning medication and advice.

As approximately a third of the proceeds from the sale of these bracelets is allocated to the Helping Hand Trust, the sale of the Relate bracelets through Clicks’ national footprint of over 300 pharmacies and over 100 clinics across South Africa will support the work the Trust does in enabling the provision of free medical services to babies in need to help prevent South Africa’s infant mortality rate from increasing.

Lauren Gillis, co-founder of Relate Bracelets, says, “By wearing the Helping Hand bracelets, members of the public are helping us provide a helping hand to mothers and babies in need.”

Relate is a 100% not-for-profit social enterprise that provides opportunities for those in challenging environments to create better lives for themselves.

Ultimately, the more funds and support Clicks raise, the more free services they can provide and the more lives they can change. The long term goal is to provide mobile mother and children clinics in areas with limited access to Clicks or primary care facilities.

But the Helping Hand bracelets go beyond providing a helping hand to mothers and babies; they provide the makers of the bracelets with earning opportunities, and skills as well as investment in enterprise development opportunities in South Africa; providing you, the wearer of the bracelet, an opportunity to wear the change that you want to see.

Every single Relate Bracelet carries the signature ‘R’ bead, a symbol of the organisation’s commitment to  accountability and transparency in all its practices, and a guarantee that the bracelet is 100% not for profit. It is the symbol you can trust as it guarantees that the bracelet you are wearing to support social change does in fact provide just that. If it doesn’t have the ‘R’ bead, then it’s not a Relate bracelet.

When you wear the change you want to see by purchasing a Helping Hand bracelet, these are some of the opportunities you help Relate to create.