We are delighted to see action from celebrity icons internationally to save Africa’s wildlife. Prince William’s plea; “to respect the world that we have inherited” resonates strongly with our organization.

Relate, along with wildlife organisations Endangered Wildlife Trust and Wildlife ACT are playing their part to end wildlife crime through our partnership with Woolworths and their Every Paw Print Counts campaign.

Relate bracelets are an amazing way to create public awareness of wildlife crimes and for ordinary consumers to support those organisations that are making a tangible difference in this area.  Popular amongst the youth, not only do Relate bracelets serve as an instrument of change in the fight to end wildlife crime so that our rhino, wild dog, cheetah and other species do not become animals of the past; they also provide earning opportunities and skills development for local bracelet-makers, and support local enterprise development initiatives in South Africa. Remember, if it doesn’t have a signature ‘R’ bead, it’s not a Relate bracelet.

Relate urges all South Africans passionate about wildlife to support Prince William’s advocacy, voiced in this speech in order to achieve the following aims:

  1. Reduce demand for endangered wildlife and related products in markets around the world
  2. Improve global enforcement and criminal justice against the organised syndicates engaged in this activity
  3. Assist rural communities to find long-term, viable alternatives to the trade

You are just one, but you and your family and friends are many. Many individuals working towards the same goal can establish a community. Let’s make it happen.  Join the Relate movement of change. Let’s do our part in responding to end wildlife crime and empower an international movement.