Once upon a time, in a Toy Kingdom store not so far away, lived an incredible initiative worth supporting over the festive season.

As any good fairytale will teach you, sometimes people just need a little help to set them on their way.

South African social enterprise The Relate Trust has partnered with retailer Toy Kingdom and non-profit organisation The Grace Factory to raise awareness and funds for children in need.

Handmade pink and green beaded Relate bracelets, available in sizes suitable for children and adults, are now being sold for R50 in Toy Kingdom stores across South Africa - giving you the opportunity to directly impact future princes and princesses.

This is the first time Relate has collaborated with Toy Kingdom to support a cause, and the organisation’s first bracelet aimed at not just adults, but children – teaching them about making a difference in South Africa. 

In South Africa, the sad truth is that there are millions of children in need including an estimated 3.7million orphans, according to UNICEF.

Founded in February 2013, The Grace Factory aims to assist in meeting the basic needs of babies and children in South Africa. They do this by providing essential items (toys, clothes, bottles, blankets, nappies, and more) to children’s homes in the Western Cape, Gauteng, and the Vaal triangle.

The non-profit also provides maternity packs to new moms in government hospitals and clinics. Packs include an outfit, a blanket, 20 nappies, bum cream, aqueous cream, wet wipes, a face cloth, baby soap and maternity pads.

The organisation’s long-term goal is to ensure every mom who delivers a baby in a South African government hospital receives a maternity pack and that the basic needs of children’s homes are met.  

By purchasing a handmade Relate bracelet from a Toy Kingdom store, you will directly be helping The Grace Factory ensure children get a good start towards their happily ever after.

“Our biggest challenges are funding (mainly to buy the goods for the maternity packs), as well as volunteers to help us with the day-to-day running of the charity, packing days, and deliveries of packs,” says Amy Westerman, founder and administrator of The Grace Factory.

“We are very grateful for the partnership with The Relate Trust and Toy Kingdom. Every 10 bracelets sold in stores helps us with enough funding to make a maternity pack for a mom in need.”

To date, The Grace Factory has handed out over 7000 maternity packs.

Westerman concludes: “We are so appreciative of the generosity of the people of South Africa, for helping us help moms and babies in need. Thank you in advance to everyone who buys a bracelet. Every time you look at your beautiful Toy Kingdom Relate bracelet, be reminded that you have helped a beautiful mom and her baby.”