South Africa has a massive housing crisis! There is an immense need for housing in South Africa, with over 1.9 million informal dwellings in the country. Most of these homes are poverty stricken and when faced with excessive rain or the spread of fire they loose everything.

The creation of formal housing is more important than ever! Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organisation, trying to break the cycle of poverty in South Africa through inclusive development, advocacy and awareness.

The local branch of Habitat for Humanity International was founded in 1996. The organisation’s core belief is that “providing adequate and affordable shelter is the best way to fight poverty”.

Relate Bracelet has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to create a bracelet that can be sold to raise funds for the organisation. The goal is to raise R 50,000.00 that will help Habitat for Humanity combat the housing crisis by building communities across South Africa.

“A relatively small spend can make a big impact to the life of an individual, or the lives of an entire family. We often forget in our day-to-day activities, that many South Africans have very little. But everyone deserves a home. We want to help make that happen,” says Neil Robinson, chief executive officer of Relate Bracelets.

The bracelet will be available at selected Woolworths stores nation wide for R39.95. Simply, buying a bracelet makes you a part of the solution. Proceeds from the sale of the beaded bracelets will raise funds for Habitat for Humanity. 

Relate Bracelets is a proudly 100% not-for-profit social enterprise which sells handmade beaded bracelets to raise money for charities globally, while creating jobs for South Africans.

In the last three years, Relate has raised more than R26million for causes in health, education, conservation, social upliftment, children, and empowerment.


This article was first publsihed by Good Things Guy on 12 April 2017.