One way to sidestep the ghastly greed of “me me me” at Christmas time and tune into a deeper level of giving, is to try to make sure that the money that you are spending on your loved ones doesn’t just go towards something lovely for them, but does triple duty by also providing social upliftment opportunities and supporting charities at the same time.

There is no simpler way to do this then to buy a stack of ten Relate Bracelets, each bracelet supporting a different charity.

Relate Bracelets is a 100% not-for-profit social enterprise. One third of the profits from sales of the bracelets goes towards covering costs, one third goes towards investment in enterprise development initiatives and skills training and earning opportunities for the senior citizens and young adults who make them, and one third towards the cause for which the bracelet has been made.

When you give someone a Relate Bracelets Christmas stack, they won’t only be making a fashion statement, but you’ll be contributing towards these charities:
1. Rotary Safewater Project
2. Endangered Wildlife Trust Rhino
3. Jane Goodall Institute SA
4. Ikamva Labantu
5. Amy Biehl Foundation
6. Shine Centre
7. Reach For A Dream Foundation
8. Goodbye Malaria
9. PinkDrive (pink)
10. PinkDrive (black)

A stack of Christmas bracelets can be bought directly from the Relate website.

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