There’s always one, isn’t there? That one friend or family member for whom the perfect Christmas (or birthday, or any day for that matter) gift is elusive and shopping is nerve-wracking.

The biggest gift-giving day of the year is now just around the corner, and hurtling closer by the minute. As far as you know they already have every gadget and trinket their heart could ever possibly desire. So what can you give people who seemingly already have everything?

For animal lovers

Buy a limited-edition festive season mixed stack from not-for-profit social enterprise Relate Bracelets in support of the Endangered Wildlife Trust. For R450 from Relate’s website (, you will get a stack of 10 bracelets for the organisation’s Rhino, Cheetah, Wild Dog, Bateleur Eagle, and Pickergill’s Frog Recovery projects.

Every bracelet sold also supports senior citizens who thread beads to supplement their pensions and care for their grandchildren and orphans. A group of young adults, who close, pack and deliver bracelets, are upskilled in their chosen careers. And Relate also supports fledgling businesses through their enterprise development programmes.

Music to their ears

They might like music, but do they have millions of songs to hand? A Deezer gift card gives them access to 40 million tracks so they can listen to all their old favourites and find some new ones. You can gift them access to the streaming service for either 3 months (R198.97), 6 months (R359.94), or a year (R719.88).

Education support for others

Make a donation in their name to Via Afrika’s “I Support Education” initiative, which allows you to make an impact on learning with a donation, big or small.

You can choose to support either a teacher’s digital training or a school’s subscription to the Via Afrika Tabtor Maths programme. As a supporter, you will receive updates on your chosen teacher or school’s progress. You can find profiles of all applicants for funding, and provide support at

Let them know by sharing your donation on social media and tagging them in your post — it’ll make their day!

Further their own education

Many digital education platforms offer affordable courses in subjects spanning business, entrepreneurship, health and fitness, IT and software, personal development and parenting, tourism and hospitality, and more.

If you know someone who has been wanting to further their education, but perhaps need a little nudge to push them in the right direction, then why not give them a course voucher. Most courses can be done in their free time from a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Wrap it beautifully

Everyone loves to open presents, whether carefully pulling the tape off or ripping the paper to shreds. To save yourself from getting paper cuts this festive season, let someone else primp your presents to perfection.

Checkers stores nationwide offer a gift-wrapping service (any gifts, not just purchased in store) in exchange for a small donation for charity. Let the recipient know and they’ll feel all warm and tingly inside. Merry Christmas!


This article was first published by Essentials on 22 December 2016.