It’s through the desire of thousands of people to join the movement for change that Relate has sold a million bracelets and with the recent launch of its online shop, it hopes to sell the next million twice as quickly!

The proceeds from Relate Bracelets go towards the earnings and upskilling of our bracelet-makers, enterprise development initiatives, as well as donations to 52 causes such as the giving a child the gift of reading through the Shine Centre and helping to save the rhino through the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

In our online shop with just a few clicks you are able to choose the bracelet style you want as well as the cause you’d like to support with your purchase. To show where your money has gone, an impact card will be emailed to you letting you know exactly what’s been done with the proceeds of your bracelet stack purchase.

At our online store launch late last year, media came in their droves to support the movement for change, with people such as Ayanda Ntini from Good Hope Fm and MC Tracey Lange from Smile FM adding new energy to the movement. Here’s a short video clip of the event.

You too can join the movement for change by purchasing your own Relate Bracelets stack of 10 online. You can inspire others by wearing them as a stack to make a statement or share them with family and friends to inspire them to stand up for change too. The more bracelets are worn and shared, the more lives we can change.

Relate is a 100% not-for-profit social enterprise organisation. Each Relate bracelet comes with Relate’s signature ‘R’ bead which is our way of saying that we are committed to transparency and authenticity. This means that you know what you have donated towards and exactly where your money has gone! If it doesn’t have our ‘R’ bead, then it is not a Relate bracelet.