Living in this beautiful country of ours, we are often faced with many heartbreaking stories of the suffering of others.  Many times we feel helpless, as the problem seems so much bigger than us. Lauren Adams, from Cape Town, found that through Relate bracelets, she could realise her own goal of making a difference in the lives of others, one bead at a time.

She first learnt of Relate bracelets through our co-founder, Lauren Gillis. “Lauren’s passion for changing lives and creating opportunities for growth for individuals and communities has inspired me to help in any way I can.  I also have a personal connection to two of the organisations that benefit from the proceeds of bracelet sales – the Shine Centre and The Amy Biehl Foundation,” says Adams.

She found herself wanting to do more for our social enterprise and now leads the Relate movement for change by gathering her friends and family and  sharing our message with them, as well as inspiring them to buy, stack and share our bracelets. To date, Adams has greatly impacted the lives of our bracelet makers, and added to the skills and social enterprise development that Relate offers, through her purchase of 428 bracelets.

What drove her to be involved in what she refers to as a fulfilling project, was our uniquely sustainable business model. “Through the making and selling of bracelets at Relate, money is donated to incredible local programmes serving some of South Africa’s most vulnerable communities and resources. On top of that, the model provides skills training and growth opportunities for marginalised individuals here in South Africa,” says Adams.

“The momentum of change is usually started by one person and accelerated by the actions of many. There is always a sense of happiness in serving others. If the actions of one person can help others, whether big or small, then they should,” Adams believes.

“It’s really easy to set the ball in motion in terms of joining the movement of change. Start by buying some cause bracelets and some stacks, wear them for a while and see how it feels. Every time you look at your wrist you will feel a connectedness as you remember the generous donation you have made to a cause and improving the lives of the bracelet makers.

As humans, we are all programmed to feel good when we make others feel good. And what better way to do that than by sharing gorgeous jewellery with family, friends, teachers, colleagues, neighbours, and all those around you?“ says Adams.