Meet Anthony Oseyemi.

You’ve probably seen him recently on television acting as the mysterious, handsome, suave, wheeler-dealer, bad boy, Hamilton Radebe, on Isidingo, one of South Africa’s best-known soap operas.

Relate Bracelets is proud to announce that Anthony has donned the cloak of a Relate Bracelet ambassador.

The character he plays in the soap opera is probably best described as “dangerously charming” while in real life Oseyemi himself, while handsome and charming is actually quite unassuming and keeps himself very grounded.

As well as being a television actor, this British-born South African of Nigerian descent is also a writer, musician and producer.

Speaking of the things that matter to him, Oseyemi says, “I love working in TV and film, but my first love will always be theatre, and if I can find a good project that I can fit into my schedule then I’d love to get involved. I’m also hoping to get working on new music.”

Away from the limelight, Anthony Oseyemi is very devoted to the idea of “paying success forward” and in this case this means his duties as a brand ambassador for the Relate PinkDrive breast health awareness campaign.

Relate is a 100% not-for-profit social enterprise that creates opportunities to change lives through the making and selling of hand-beaded bracelets. The R-bead on every single Relate bracelet is a symbol you can trust and guarantees that the bracelet is 100% not for profit.

Relate Co-Founder Lauren Gillis says, “Anthony has such passion for this cause and for the work that we do at Relate and we’re thrilled to have him on board as such a positive ambassador and role model for others.”

Oseyemi became involved with Relate Bracelets on discovering their unique social enterprise model, in which Relate applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximizing profits for external shareholders.

Says Oseyemi, “I want to create positive change in the world around me and that is why Relate’s social enterprise model caught my interest. The fact that Relate is run according to business principles means that the increased efficiency and effectiveness allow the organisation to do even more for the people it seeks to help. Working with Relate means I’m lucky enough to be in a position to do the same.”

Relate’s unique sustainable business model sees approximately one third of bracelet proceeds donated to specific causes, in this case PinkDrive, one third providing earning opportunities and skills training for local bracelet-makers and creating local enterprise development initiatives, and one third covering material and running costs.

PinkDrive powers South Africa’s first Mobile Mammography Unit and the Mobile Educational Unit, which travels with qualified nurses around South Africa offering free clinical breast examinations and mammograms to all medically uninsured men and women.

In his role as a brand ambassador for PinkDrive’s breast health awareness campaign Oseyemi gets to champion a cause dear to his heart and says, “Although the majority of breast cancer cases occur in women, many people are surprised to learn that men can develop breast cancer too. But in addition to that, as men we also need to stand with our sisters, wives, and mothers in this cause. While all men are aware of breast cancer, many stay silent on this topic thinking it’s not appropriate for them to let their voices be heard in this discussion. We need to be active participants in the fight against breast cancer. What could be more appropriate than caring for the women we love?”

Relate’s PinkDrive bracelets are available online.