Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital

The Foundation:

One of the biggest challenges in African wildlife conservation is that smaller indigenous wildlife is often overlooked.  

A first of its kind, the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital is a wildlife only rehabilitation and veterinary hospital that exclusively treats indigenous wildlife, free of charge. More importantly, they focus on the treatment of small to medium wildlife. Some of the species treated include: bats, owls, raptors, mongoose, pangolin, meerkat, serval, genet, hedgehogs, bush babies, garden birds, water birds and otter, to name but a few.   

The Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital treats, rehabilitates and releases these animals back into safe natural environments. The hospital is run by a dedicated wildlife veterinarian and a wildlife rehabilitation specialist along with a core team, who regularly train veterinary students as well as experienced veterinarians in the hospitals' approach to the treatment, rehabilitation and release of indigenous wildlife.

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