SANParks Honorary Rangers

The Foundation:

The SANParks Honorary Rangers movement has a rich conservation history, with its volunteers dedicated to supporting the full-time rangers within South Africa’s National Parks.

Today, there are over 2 021 SANParks Honorary Rangers, all volunteers, based in 30 regions working in all 23 South African national parks, such as Kruger, Addo, Table Mountain and Kgalagadi National Parks.

The non-profit organisation supports SANParks on various levels, from raising funds for vital projects, supporting the K9 and anti-poaching units, manning gates, fixing fences, removing alien vegetation, organising events and lending specialist skills.

SANParks Honorary Rangers are truly committed to helping preserve South Africa’s natural heritage for future generations to come.

A ranger’s life is not an easy one, but we can make their lives a little more comfortable. Relates partnership with SANParks Honorary Rangers does just this.

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