Shine Stack



This stack of 10 bracelets is made up of a single thread of matte white beads with a glint of light accent beads signifying the sense of empowerment felt by a child who is taught to read.


Matte White

Estimated Lead time:

1-3 Weeks (subject to availability)


Front: Shine / Back: Shine (Oval)



Shine is a Cape Town based literacy organisation, which aims to strengthen reading skills and inspire a love of books in children in Grades 2 and 3. In an attempt to fulfil their vision of ‘A Nation of Young Readers’, Shine also partners with other education-focused NGOs, and holds workshops for parents, communities and those interested in setting up reading clubs and Shine Chapters.

The Shine Centre is a registered Non-Profit Organisation 060-696 NPO.

For larger / special orders please contact us +27 21 418 3144 /


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Box of 10 bracelets each.

Total  495

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