Save the Pangolin

When you buy this product you not only donate money to charity but you also create jobs for people in low income communities.



The Temminck’s Pangolin could go extinct before most people realise it exists. This elusive species needs all the assistance it can get as they are being illegally traded into extinction. This bracelet pays homage to this highly endangered species. The rich earthy colours utilised in the design of the bracelet represent its primary natural colouring.

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Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital:
  • R15,000.00

    money raised for beneficiary

Smaller indigenous wildlife are often overlooked. The aim of the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital is to improve the quality of treatment, survival and success rate of rehabilitation and release of small to medium sized indigenous wildlife.

The Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital is a registered Non Profit Company 2016/492395/08.

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