Goodbye Malaria Stack

When you buy this product you not only donate money to charity but you also create jobs for people in low income communities.



This stack of 10 bracelets was inspired by Africa - it represents the continent's heart and soul and the hope for better, happier lives and opportunities for the people of Africa. The yellow beads represent sunshine, life, and happiness to communities and families who have been in the dark - families that have been smitten by the disease. The red beads symbolise 'the heart', which represents 'life'. Inspiration behind the red beads comes from the stamens of the Citronella flower - without the stamens there is no life.



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Front: Goodbye Malaria logo (Yellow) / Back Goodbye Malaria (Round)


Goodbye Malaria:
  • 197932

    bracelets and products sold
  • R1,898,791.00

    money raised for beneficiary

Goodbye Malaria aims to eradicate malaria in Mozambique, while investing in Africa's future, creating employment and protecting, changing and saving lives.

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