Endangered Wildlife Trust Guard Dogs for Conservation Stack

When you buy this product you not only donate money to charity but you also create jobs for people in low income communities.



This stack of 10 bracelets is made up of neutral tones of frosted light blue beads, frosted light grey beads and opaque brown beads



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Front: EWT Details / Back: Protect (Oval)


Endangered Wildlife Trust Guard Dogs for Conservation:
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    money raised for beneficiary

The Endangered Wildlife Trust's Guard Dogs for Conservation Project works with dogs to help protect our precious wildlife in a number of different ways.

Scent detection dogs: The EWT has sniffer dogs based at game reserves, airports, and other key locations where illegal trafficking might occur.

Livestock guarding dogs: The EWT has placed more than 120 livestock guarding dogs on farms in important areas, leading to a reduction in livestock losses of up to 95%.

Anti-poaching dogs: The EWT has deployed antiā€poaching dogs, which are trained to track people, find arms and ammunition, and help with the detection of spent cartridges at crime scenes.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust is a registered Non-Profit Organisation 015-502 NPO.

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