Our Impact:

This is where it all began. Nandos recognised our vision, the potential and opportunity, and helped us to launch our big idea: Relate. 

Our partnership remains as strong as ever 8 years on!

The story as it goes:

In 2008, after a 2am in the morning ‘vision’ about Nandos, Lauren Gillis (founder) took the idea of designing a bracelet for Nandos’ 21st birthday to feed 21 orphaned and vulnerable children to Robbie Brozin. Robbie being the innovator he is, said great idea, and immediately placed an order for 6000 bracelets.   

It was one of Laurens most invigorating, exciting, exhilarating, scary yet liberating moments.  Relate at that stage was Laurens’ house, a garage downstairs and her domestic worker Nellie.  What Relate became in delivering that first order to Nandos was a miracle and how the real South Africa should work.  They turned the order around, were an instrumental part of Nandos celebrations in delivering a handmade R bracelets to all staff, the proceeds from the sale of these bracelets went to feeding 21 orphaned and vulnerable children in the name of Nandos.  Nandos still proudly display the original photo taken of the 21 Nandocas. 

Nellie, Laurens domestic worker in 2008 is in her final year of her UNISA Degree to become a social worker.  Domestic worker to qualified social worker - All achieved through Relate’s unique business model.

So from humble beginnings at Lauren’s home, Relate is now able to change lives and make big, positive impacts on the social fabric of South Africa, Africa and the world.

Thank you Nandos. Thank you Robbie. You are true trailblazers!

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